The art of speaking Catholic truth to the secular world

How often have you had the experience of saying something to little effect,

  • only to watch your spouse or best friend say exactly the same thing in different words to the general agreement and appreciation of the listener? (Or from kids, nike air max 90 soldes prompt obedience?) Filmmaker and researcher Michael Matheson Miller recently gave an example of how successful communication relies upon the accessibility of your words to your particular audience. Miller is the director of a new documentary called Poverty, Inc., asics gel quantum 180 damskie and during a recent interview with Aleteia, Zoe Romanowsky asked him how this film brings something new to the table and how he’s communicating this to audiences. new balance 1300 damskie Miller replied: “One of the things that the Catholic faith has to offer is a very rich,

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  • coherent, thoughtful, nike air max 90 donna satisfying vision the human personBeing able to get this out in a world that is increasingly secularized means you have to go through different channels. “We werent trying to be tricky [with the film]; we were just applying these philosophical insights to questions about economics and poverty and then showing them and explaining them in a manner thats acceptable to general audiences. “I was at a film festival where I answered a question during a Q&A about how were operating from a place of constricted,

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  • reductionist rationality which I tried to word in an accessible way and everyone started clapping.

  • All I was doing was paraphrasing Joseph Ratzinger and Benedict XVIs Regensberg addressand all these people are like Yes, thats absolutely right. Todd Gurley – Georgia Bulldogs And why? Because its true and coherent and its reflective of our experience as human beings. “I think in one sense thats one of our great opportunities to be innovative to re-present fundamental truths about the human being and about society in language that people can say, Oh,