An Old World Mary Poppins beats my postpartum blues

Meeting the Bruderhof community was somewhat by accident, really. Fjallraven Kanken Big Sometime after moving to DC, I began working in Northwest at a pregnancy center straddled between Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights. asics homme Soon thereafter I came to notice oddly dressed women about Columbia Road. They ducked into homeless shelters, hospice homes, and Christian medical centers. Their drab floor-length skirts, clearly handmade, were paired with an equally modest standard button-down shirt, and a kerchief covering their hair. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 It wasn’t long before two or three of the women came to our center to volunteer, just as they were doing all over the city. Nike Air Jordan Baratas In the midst of piles of baby clothes to be folded and paperwork to be filed, I came to know them quite well. Their simple Christian community was started in Germany in 1920 by a man named Eberhard Arnold and his wife. The Arnolds’ original desire was to embrace the Beatitudes and the call of Christian living described in Acts 2:44-45. This drastic commitment of faith meant owning nothing independently and having all things in common. The Arnolds’ vision continues today and the women I met at the pregnancy center were living it. As I got to know their lifestyle, I found it quite amusing how the community members were so entirely unaware of the value of monetary things. During those years, there were about 10 married and single community members living in a small house in DC, with a pastor and his wife.

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  • Eventually, their center in Northwest folded and its members returned to the various communities scattered across Europe, the Americas and Australia, but the friendship I had made with them would prove lasting. chaussures nike Five years later, now married and with two children, I found myself once again staring down an intimidating pregnancy. You see, after the birth of our second son, I experienced such a crushing postpartum depression that I was sure I could never face those demons again. As fate would have it, around that time, the pastor and his wife from the DC community, my old friends, were passing through Virginia from their current community in upstate NY, and decided to pay us a visit. air max pas cher homme As we talked, they asked me how our Catholic community supports mothers postpartum, particularly those who have suffered in the past. I just stared at them dumbfounded. More to read: The most merciful gift you can give to a new mom After I heard of their community’s practice — a young single woman lives with a postpartum mother and her family for at least a year after the baby’s birth — I think my jaw actually hit the floor. This Mary Poppins character they painted before me assists with childcare, housework, cooking, cleaning, and, by golly, is just plain good company. Company, you say? Isn’t that what I needed the most! I offered a halting defense of our life out here “in the world,” telling of meals dropped at your door and support groups with free babysitting. But the pastor and his wife looked at me as if I were a frontierswoman, left to hack out trails by myself in the wilderness, and with a baby strapped to my back! My postpartum tales of woe weren’t for naught, however, as only a few days later, they called to say they were sending a single young lady to stay with us for the next month. [img attachment=”118548″ align=”aligncenter” size=”medium” alt=”laurita-e1470806161278″ /] You can imagine our shock, our delight, our fear! The woman who was to stay with us had not left a Bruderhof community in all of her 28 years! When she moved in, I discovered that she had never been grocery shopping, wasn’t up to date on modern technology, had never driven a car … Nike Air Max 2017 Heren groen but boy, was she good company. And yes, she cleaned like ever a Mary Poppins would, and the kids were entranced by her zillions of songs. Her greatest desires were to shine the light of Christ within our household, see the world outside her community, and bring support to mothers and families who were struggling. Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks Jersey When I first set eyes on those Old World German women in kerchiefs back in DC, I would have never imagined that my own home would one day be mission territory. But hey, postpartum hormones can do ugly things to a family, and I am so thankful that our answer came in the form of a constant companion and lifelong friend named Laurita.

    First Mongolian priest in a thousand years meets with Aleteia

    Aleteia: You were ordained a priest in Mongolia on August 28, 2016, which makes you the first indigenous priest for almost 1000 years! How do you feel about the historical significance of this? Joseph Enkhee-Baatar: I am just glad and honored to have been chosen to be ordained here in Mongolia, and to be a small part of the mission. sac fjallraven pas cher The first missionaries who came to the Mongol Empire were Nestorians. They came as early as the 7th and 8th century. Consequently, several Mongol tribes converted to Christianity. Then, in the thirteenth century under the Yuan dynasty, the first Catholic missionaries arrived. According to some historical documents, the Empire had about 30,000 Mongolian Catholics at that time. The Church then persisted for nearly 100 years under the reign of the Yuan dynasty. There were probably some priests ordained then although I have not found any reliable historical records. adidas sale uk After the fall of the Yuan dynasty and the emergence of the Chinese Ming dynasty, Catholicism disappeared from the country. Matt Holliday Womens Jersey In your opinion, why did so much time elapse between the first proclamation of the Gospel in your country and this first ordination? Several reasons explain the gap between the first proclamation of the Gospel and the current revival of the Church. First, there is the emergence of the Muslims in the Middle East that prevented missionaries from coming to Mongolia, a landlocked country. Canotte Orlando Magic Moreover, in the early 16th and 17th centuries, Mongolia adopted Tibetan Buddhism which eventually became the state religion. Mongolia was a theocratic country until the communist revolution.

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  • When she became Communist in 1924, Vatican plans for the evangelization of the country were seized. Air Max One Only after the fall of communism in 1990, the first missionaries, three in number, came to Mongolia in 1992. Next year we will celebrate 25 years of the presence of the Catholic Church here. It took time to evangelize Mongolia because our country has deep shamanic roots (the Tengrism) and other, more recent, roots in Buddhism. That is why people continue to perceive Christianity as a foreign religion and sometimes as a threat to Mongolian tradition and culture. oakley femme pas cher Mongolia has few Catholics. Will the fact that you are Mongol facilitate the evangelization of your compatriots? Jesus said, “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few” (Luke 10:2). So we need more priests, sisters and lay missionaries to work in the service of God’s kingdom. If you serve God and his people wholeheartedly with your words, your actions and your life, your nationality does not matter. You will always be a great help and instrument of evangelization for your country and the world. However, we need more priests from our country because they will know better how to implement the teaching of Christ and the Church here. Fjallraven Kanken Large Thus, the Mongols will understand it better and accept it, not only as teaching from a foreign religion but as something that is close to their tradition, their culture and their lifestyle. What is the size of your parish, the number of faithful, the percentage of Catholics in Mongolia? In the whole country, there are about 1200 Catholics making up only 0.04% of the entire population. However, the total percentage of Christians in the country is around 2%. We have six parishes and several “sub-parishes” [out of the 21 provinces of Mongolia, 17 of them have no Catholic presence, Ed.]. What are the pastoral challenges that await you in these first months? I was only ordained a week ago and have been staying in the house of the Mission of the Catholic Church.